Building and Property Maintenance Services

Over 40 property owners have trusted Grain to deliver property renovation, rebuilding, and maintenance project management across North London, Hertfordshire and The Chilterns.

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Grain manage building projects from start to finish

Check out this full house renovation we did earlier this year.

Building and property maintenance services Grain delivers on...

Complete building project planning. Grain ensures budgets, timelines and quality standards are kept.

Highly Quality Construction Services

Experienced and expert management of start-to-finish construction delivery.

Complete property maintenance and maintenance project management.

Trusted building and property project management

Our founder, Billy Homan, set up Grain to provide high-quality design, seamless project delivery and a commitment to excellent communication throughout your project.

Grain employs a team of highly skilled craftsmen who tackle all aspects of your project with extreme attention to detail and care for your space.

At Grain, we have the team to execute projects of all shapes and sizes, from complete home renovations to garden redesigns or just repainting your bedroom.

Are you looking to rebuild or refurbish?

Speak with our founder Billy.

Construction and Property Project Management Services

Helping homeowners add value in London and beyond.

Beautiful new builds and upgrading existing homes.

Maintaining properties for homeowners and investors.

Sculpting incredible custom features for properties.

Making your place shine with a fresh lick of paint!

Trusted local property project managers.

Recent construction projects grain has delivered

Mansion redevelopment Project for a 5-bed property in Islington. Grain delivered two extensions, complete interior and garden redevelopment.

Timber barn construction and large patio for a client in Hertfordshire. Grain Property delivered complete planning, architecture, construction and project management services.

North London Kitchen Refurbishment

Flat refurbishment for a client in Bethnal Green. Grain turning this uninhabitable wreck to a beautiful designed property; delivering painting, electrics, heating installation and more.

Grain frequently asked questions...

How does grain collaborate with customers?

Grain has strong relationships with a vast array of vetted contractors across London, Hertfordshire and The Chilterns our team oversea and manage planning, architecture, budgeting, delivery and quality assurance so you can relax.

What's the process to start a project with grain?

Our founder, Billy Homan, has a chat to discus the project with you. Understanding four core things; what are you looking to build, when are you looking to build it, what stage are you at and topline budgets. If we think it's something we'd like to take on we'll do a site visit to quote.

How does grain quote on projects?

The quote you get, is the quote we stick to. Grain deliver what we scoped and quoted on p so you don't get any nasty surprises or any awkward conversation along the way.