Large Patio Installation Hertfordshire

Our private client based in Hertfordshire, England, was looking to upgrade their garden with a new patio area which could be used as a versatile outdoor space for entertaining, relaxing and hosting. This project was delivered alongside a new oak framed barn extension.

Large Patio Installation Project

Grain was tasked with the creation of a new patio to achieve the clients desired goals, our team delivered the project in the following project phases.

Phase 1 - Preparing the Ground

Ensuring the patio site was clear and level ensured that the project would go smoothly.

Phase 2 - Planning Site Materials and Labour

Before the team started to assemble the patio the team ensured all materials and labour were effectively planned.

Phase 3 - Patio Assembly

Once planning was done and the materials were order the team started work on the large patio delivering it ahead of time and within client budget.

Phase 4 - Final Checks and Quality Assurance

Before the team signed off the project. A full inspection was conducted to ensure that we delivered on Our Grain Promise.

Image of patio site preparation

Large Patio Install Project Photos

Patio Construction at Night
Stone Cutting For Patio
Patio Next To Barn
Patio Path to Oak Barn

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