Barn, Patio and Landscaping in Hertfordshire

Our client had their entire backyard transformed with a new Barn, Patio, and Lawn. The Barn made with an Oak Timber Frame structure compliments the newly finished Patio and Lawn which could be used as a hosting, entertaining, and relaxing outdoor space. An upgrade of the backyard complements the property as we were able to capture the client's vision tastefully while being within our given budget. This project in Hertfordshire added functionality and value to the client's property.

Grain Customer Brief

The project comprised 3 phases, planning, buildings and finally setting. We delivered the barn, patio, and lawn simultaneously to ensure the least amount of disturbance to the client and to minimise the time needed.

Grain project managed everything, ensuring that every aspect of the transformation would align with the client's vision and meet all necessary approvals and quotas.

Construction Project Deliverables

Project delivery timeline - 4 Months

  1. Planning & construction of new barn
  2. Large scale patio
  3. Laying lawn and landscaping

Barn Planning Process

Barn Planning Process- Having understood the client's vision and needs, we made technical illustrations for the proposed Barn Layout.

Securing Planning Permission

 Obtained Planning Approval for a 45 sqm Outbuilding: We promptly secured planning approval for a 45-square-meter outbuilding, which is the foundation of the entire project.  Installed Fresh Water and Electrical Supply: Our early planning included installing a new fresh water and electrical supply, setting the stage for modern convenience in the barn and surrounding areas.

Barn Building Phase

With planning complete, the second phase involved turning the vision into reality by transforming the barn, building the patio, and rejuvenating the lawn for our client.

Preparing Groundwords

Laying the foundation and sacred flooring- Focusing on a solid foundation with high-quality sacred flooring which was carefully installed and later examined for quality assurances ensuring durability and structural integrity.

Oak Timber Frame

For over 10,000 years Oak Timber has been used in construction, taking its timeless characteristics and charm we infused the Oak into the Barn.

Barn Underfloor Heating

For year-round comfort and long-term energy efficiency, we opted for underfloor heating to guarantee warmth and space maximisation. Saving up to 40% in energy when compared to traditional radiators.

Barn Insulation

Next we focused on complete insulation, through Plaster Boarding and Plastering throughout the barn which was completed with our leading insulation systems creating an invisible barrier that ensured a flawless interior. Our new projects built today are highly insulated, making sure we meet regulation standards.

Barn Electrics

We implemented a new electrical system throughout the building while working with our contractors. This provided conveniences and modern functionality to the building.

Customised French Door and Windows

Custom made from a workshop with the exact sizing and handle and wood selection. The doors themselves were made from 18mm beech plywood with the worktop being a thicker 42mm beech plywood. 

Bespoke Kitchen Units

Our crafted bespoke kitchen units were made in a UK workshop where we tailored them to our client's specific preferences. 

Barn Finishing Process

The final phase involved completing the property transformation by creating a spacious patio and revitalising the lawn.

Barn Cladding and Waterproofing

To secure and protect the barn from the elements the grain team cladded the barn with finished oak beams that gave it character and make it a key feature in the garden

Installed a Brand-New 150 sqm Patio

 A spacious 150-square-meter patio was created, providing a delightful outdoor retreat for the client. The patio is made up of Indian sandstone and the walls around it are made up of recycled train sleepers.

Laid 250 sqm of Fresh Turf

The lawn and surrounding green spaces were revitalised with the addition of 250 square meters of lush and vibrant turf as we worked with one of our trusted suppliers “George Davies Turf”.

Customer Testimonial

With the project completed within the predetermined time and quota, we are delighted to exceed our client's expectations and deliver quality with great attention to detail. With our skilled expertise, we are looking to take on new projects such as this to rebuild or renovate other properties.

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